ABOUT ERIC - Eric Carr


Eric grew up in Port Townsend, a small sea-side town in Washington state. There he developed a love for exploring the outdoors and observing and photographing wildlife. 

He first visited Antarctica in 1992 when he began working at McMurdo Station, a research base in the Ross Sea area operated by the National Science Foundation. He traveled to many remote areas of the continent, and has spent a total of nearly three and half years of his life in Antarctica. More recently he worked as a naturalist and guide in the Antarctic Peninsula region.

He has traveled to and photographed some of the most wild places on Earth, but he also gets great enjoyment and satisfaction from observing the wilderness as close as his own backyard. Far and wide he has witnessed the natural world struggle against the destruction that humans bring upon it. It is his hope that the sharing of his images will help illuminate the existence of our coinhabitants and remind us that our actions have consequences.

He continually finds inspiration from those who work to save and protect the wild creatures and beautiful landscapes that we all share this world with.

As a budding photographer of only 20 years old, Eric chose adventure and a job as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. He learned early that work could take him to the wild places he longed to explore and photograph.

His images are published in regional, national, and international magazines, and newspapers, text books and a wide variety of other media.

BBC-Earth website. "Five Surprising Uses of Poo".

BBC-Earth website. "Five Surprising Uses of Poo".

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